Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Give Away!

I just hit 100 th sales on my shop & celebrating chosen featured in the summer 2010 issue of Stuffed magazine , so now i am doing a give away :) to win the 1st pic " Ocean the Blue Bunny"
How to enter:
1) Give a name for the cat at the 2nd pic, if you win the name will be use for the doll.
2) Tweet about my shop or follow me on twitter at
4) tweet about this give away or follow this blog.
5) leave your email here

deadline : 17th july 2010

I will use Ramdom org automatically genarate the lucky winner.

winner will be announce by email.. Good luck guys! :)


LEFTZ said...

1. Kirei - means pretty or beautiful in Japanese
2. Following you on Twitter
3. Joined your fan page
4. Tweeted!

Congrats on your sales and your feature in Stuffed! You are awesome :))

Unknown said...


1. Sensei - Done!
2. Following you on Twitter - Done!
3. Facebook fan page - Done!
4. Tweeted - Done!
5. email. - Done!

them dollz said...


Unknown said...

Cheerio! It's a cute name for a cute cat!

Unknown said...

I'm a follower on twitter

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Joined your fan page :)

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Meeshah said...

1. Scribble the travelling cat!
2. followed u on twitter and tweeted!
3. joined ur fb page :)
4.. well i did tweet lol

Karilan Designs said...

1) The print on the front reminded me of the Japanese term "Kawai!" often screamed when girls see something cute. Therefor, the cat should be named "Catwai!" perhaps with a silent T.
2) Following you and tweeted about your giveaway:
3) Joined your FB page as Sam Stefiuk.
4) Following you and tweeted. :)

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

following you on FB, twitter and blog. :)

your kitties are super cute!


Margoam said...

Ollie, a cute name for a cute cat!

Margoam said...

I'm a fan on Facebook! :)

Margoam said...

You made me a custom picture of my cat Moo, it's by far my favorite painting! I show it to everyone!


Ashley said...

1) Ramen the Asian Cat
2) Following you on Twitter and tweeted twice!
3) Joined Facebook group!
4) Tweeted about the give away!

JMTolman said...

1. Kabuki! The red kanji reminds me of the comic book character:
2. Done
3. Done
4. Done

Bec said...

1. Following you!
2. I would name it... Sugar Kitty.

artexana said...

lita the lolli-lickin' kitten
following you on twitter.

tractorgirl said...

1. Fergus the sweet
2. on twitter @_tractorgirl_
3. Facebook Julie Gibbons
4. Tweeted

Clare Tea said...

1) Voodoo, because the kanji cloth you used reminds me of a curse..
2) i follow via twitter, look for icitea.
3) fb fan, look for itsuko
4) following via google connect
5) le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

congrats, by the way!

Anonymous said...

1) Loli- the Sneaky lollipop thief
2) DONE!
3) DONE!

kittywood said...

1 tián Sifu (sweets master)

ArtsyCraftsy said...

Hokum OR BonBon
Both of these words are synonyms for "candy". I think Hokum sounds kinda Japanese-ish, and BonBon is just super cute name, especially for a kitty ;)

Best of luck to naming this cute lil' guy! Hope I winnnnnn ;)

ArtsyCraftsy said...

Ooopsie, I got so excited about the naming part I forgot to include my info!

I'm officially a facebook fan & a blog follower!

hehe, jess =]

Speed Bump said...

1) all I can think of is Kilan right at the moment. My life is all about cartoons right now and not by choice LOL!!
Joined fb page and commented on my page as well :)
Email is

Congrads on your sales and hope for tons more!!

Andrea Tedford said...

1) Pinkernickel
2) Following you!
3) Facebook fanned!
4) Following blog!

Daisy Berry said...

1) Captain Flapjacks :D

2,3,4) I'm following you on facebook, twitter, and blogger :)


우리Crafts said...

Oh Great!!! I wish i am the lucky winner :)
Posted your link on Twitter before and added your page.
My email:

Congrats to hit 100 wishing you another 100 sale very soon :D

Mollie said...

Came here from Etsy chat :) love your shop!

1. Gwinnie... Just because
2.Following on Twitter
3.Jointed facebook fanpage
4.Following your blog

yay! :)

Michael said...

Following you on twitter


Michael said...

Joined your facebook page

Michael said...

Following your blog

Michael said...

My email address is

Michael said...

Name for the cat - Sushi

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