my name is 林 , in english mean the forest.some of my friends call me pumpkin. Thats why i love any thing in nature. I Study art for 3 years,i am a freelance graphic artist & a part time art teacher based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am into fine art, illustration as well i love any things related to art. I am learning digital art at this moment. I started drawing weird illustration in the late 2004. I am a movies freak, & i remember my childhood fav hero is Super man & i used to dress like him pretend flying around. i am a huge fan of the music maker smashing pumpkins, Joe Hisaishi. & Artist tim burton, hayao miyazaki, yoshitomo nara, takeshi murakami & ai yamaguchi. i think all of them is a genius, u can see how much their work influences me. I love japanese, chinese, the asian culture & art, & every things about cats. i am inspired by my lil cat Gino. I create whatever comes to my mind & from what i see & what i think. i love what i do! hopfullly u see what u love too!