Monday, September 14, 2009

Special gifts from a special friend

Today i received a big packages from a long time special friend from the US " Ryan Southard" . I can't believes what he sent me until i open the box...i am all shock from sitting down the floor just staring at them for few ..6 figures from tim burton movie's "corpse bride".. victor, corpse bride, albert, skeleton band leader, mayhew, Mrs plum. Not just 1, but 6 of them! Almost makes me cry lol . still i can't believes :P This will be my coolest collection ever! i will sleep with them tonight lol ..thanks so much Ryan! :D


MAB said...

Yay, that's so cool!

Skellyton Art said...


Your art is great btw! Glad I found your blog!

zeropumpkin said...

:D i can't keep my eyes away from

MAB still adore your cat! :D

Skellyton :D i just follow your blog as well your art is great too..:D i will be comment at your blog soon! need time to read lol

Ryan said...

Hi, Pauline! I'm glad you like the gift. It's okay to open them! You can do whatever you want with them, as long as it doesn't involve fire etc. ^o^ I hope you like the pins too! I'll try to send you a copy of the SP dvds soon. Enjoy them!

zeropumpkin said...

Ryan, i LOVE LOVE LOVE them! hehe.
Awwww SP , thats too much! :P

Ryan said...

You like SP, so you have to see these dvds for sure! Do you have a dvd player that can play my region?